Viking Fashion History What did The Vikings Wear

Viking Fashion History: What did The Vikings Wear?

The reason you are here is that you might be wondering whether there is anything like Viking fashion or not. Well Viking clothes are very rare and mysterious. Archeologists found some pieces of fabrics which are preserved by chance. So, our knowledge about Viking clothing is fragmentary. But historians were able to conclude what they wore based on old images, written materials and other archeological findings from the Viking era.

Viking Men’s Clothing

Viking men were farmers, ship builders and fighters. It was necessary for them to wear warm clothes to do the physical work. The outermost item for the men’s upper body was known as kyrtill or overtunic. They usually made it with warm wool with beautiful patterns, and they probably used to wear a cloak over it. Under the kyrtill, men also wore an undertunic which was made mostly from linen. It is pretty similar to the overtunic, but the sleeves and the skirt were a bit longer.

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Now as far as bottoms are concerned, archeologists found different kinds of trousers and pants that Viking men used in the past. Some of these bottoms were tight and simple. Aside from that, a few of them were baggy and beautifully constructed. Some were even complicated and had pre-attached socks with belt loops around the waist.

Another interesting discovery was that they found out that their trousers don’t have any pockets and no fly. That means that Viking men had to pull down their trousers just to relieve themselves. Also, it’s worth sharing that instead of pockets, the string fastened around their waist was the one holding their belongings instead.

When it comes to footwear, Viking men wore leather shoes or boots back in the day. They also wore caps made of animal skin that were pointed or had rounded crowns.

Viking Women’s Clothing

Usually, women’s clothes were made with the same materials as men’s clothes. They typically used ankle-long smocks made of linen with a strap dress that had a belt over the waist that were either open from the front or sewn together at the sides. This kind of suspended dress is called a hangerock or an apron-skirt.

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Under the strap dress, Viking women also used an undergarment. According to archaeologists, Danish Viking women preferred plain undergarments, while Swedish Viking women wore pleated ones. And just like men, women were also used to wearing a cloak over their shoulders, which they usually fastened with the help of a brooch. 

Historians were able to get this knowledge of Viking women’s clothing from several grave finds. These grave finds suggested and revealed multiple layers of fabric inside surviving brooches of women. These fabrics were said to be hung by loops from the brooches over the suspended dress of Viking women, along the lines of an apron.

When it comes to Viking jewelry, historians also found out that Viking women used different types of beads and jewelry that they strung between their brooches. They also wore leather shoes on their feet during their daily activities.

There you have it. This is just a short and quick article about Viking fashion. If you want to learn more about the Vikings then watch out for our next blog post.